Free Relationship Lessons for Wives

5 Free Lessons to Help Your Husband Enjoy Talking to You Again

Welcome to the start of a great new relationship for you and your husband. Everyday I help women just like you to stop the distance and damage that is destroying their relationships and to replace it with a vibrant and enjoyable one.

Jack Ito PhD

If you want your husband to talk to you, two things are going to have to happen…

  1. He is going to have to feel that you and he are similar, and,
  2. He is going to have to feel that you are someone he wants to seek out, because he KNOWS you are going to be interested and actively validating what he has to say.


These absolutely free lessons will teach you how to create these incredibly important qualities that will make your husband want to talk to you more than ever before.


People tell me that they don’t want to argue or complain, but that they just don’t know how to handle the way their husband talks to them (or doesn’t talk).

If you want to be able to trust your husband with your innermost thoughts and desires,

If you want to share intimate moments together and feel like you are One,

And if you want to be able to put behind you all those problems that get in the way…

Then take this opportunity to get 5 communication lessons from a professional marriage and relationship coach…ME!

Each lesson covers one key communication skill and gives you examples so that you will know how to put it to use in your relationship right away.

These are the same methods that I teach my clients to make a loving, emotional connections, even when they and their husbands have become emotionally distant.

With these lessons, there will be no need to wait for your spouse to somehow improve. You will know what to do and how to do it.

These lessons, my GIFT to you, may be the one resource you need to turn things around

With them, you will learn to …

  • See communication problems as opportunities rather than obstacles
  • End miscommunication once and for all,
  • Get your husband to open up and want to talk to you,
  • Talk about sensitive issues even if your husband is easily upset,
  • Shut down his complaining in a positive way, so that you never have to argue again

No strings attached


To get your free communication lessons, just add your name and email address to the form.


Why am I giving this to you for free? Because I believe that once you see that you have the power to improve your relationship, you won’t want to stop.


I want to earn your trust so that you will feel comfortable to call on me if you ever need help in the future.


It’s all very do-able, and you’ll be able to use these communication methods no matter what your situation–that is, if you don’t let your fears get the best of you.


Enjoy the lessons!


Coach Jack