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Hello, I’m Coach Jack,

Did your relationship with your wife become so unenjoyable to your wife that she no longer likes to talk to you? Unless you can help her to enjoy talking with you again, you may lose her. All it takes is for her to discover that her friends, or another man, are much easier to talk with than you.

This is what you want…

You want your wife to trust you with her innermost thoughts and desires.

You want your wife to share intimate moments with you and feel like you are one.

You want her to look forward to seeing you and talking with you, every day.

But, this is what you get

When you try to talk, you become sad, frustrated, or confused about what to say because it’s so hard to make your wife understand.

And, because your words never seem to say what you really mean, or want, your wife just pulls away.

You may be afraid to say more because the misunderstanding, anger, and hurt could damage your marriage beyond repair…beyond hope.

You may even fear that it already has.

Fortunately, just a few changes in the way you communicate will help her to enjoy talking with you again.

Things CAN become much better, without the need to go to marriage counseling.

My calling, and my mission, is to help people like you to…

  • Be the most valuable person in your wife’s life.

  • Find the right words and ways to express your needs.

  • Find ways to make her want to listen and talk.

  • Create connection and partnership with a lot less work.

  • Bring fun, energy, and new life into your marriage.

Let’s get your message across to your wife in a secure and loving way…one that helps her to both respect you and love you.

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