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Finally...A Book to Help Women Practically and Positively Improve Their Relationships with Selfish, Unhappy, Angry, or Avoidant Men.

This book will teach you how to put an end to these problems, but even more importantly how to rebuild love and connection

In What to Do When He Won't Change, I've put together my most powerful techniques with step-by-step instructions. You will learn 3 levels of intervention so that you can lovingly and effectively deal with even the toughest of men.

This book has methods he does NOT want you to know (but later, he will be glad you did)

In this book, you will discover...

How to make things better without threats

How to stop him from pushing your buttons

How to put an end to his angry and controlling behavior

How to increase his desire to spend time with you

How to get him to talk to you without fighting

How to get him to be fair about money, sex, and time

How to get his respect and be more important to him

How to help him be happier and more active

How to get back feelings of love, for both of you, and

How to work together toward a positive future